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Safety & Security


  • School Security drills are an exercise, other than a fire drill, to practice procedures that respond to an emergency situation including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, or active shooter situation and that is similar in duration to a fire drill.  
  • Every school is required to hold at least one fire drill and one school security drill each month within the school hours, including any summer months during which school is open for instructional programs.  
  • During the academic year schools are required to hold a minimum of two of each of the following security drills:  Active shooter; Evacuation (non-fire); Bomb threat; and Lockdown.
  • School districts have the ability to practice other types of drills as well.  For example, school districts can utilize: Shelter-in-place; Reverse evacuation; Evacuation to a relocation site; Testing of school's notification system and procedures; Testing of school's communication system and procedures; Tabletop exercise; and Full scale exercise.  
  • Per Chapter 4 of the New Jersey Fire Code; 408.3.1 First emergency evacuation drill.  The first emergency evacuation drills of each school year shall be conducted within 10 days of the beginning of classes.  
  • As of September 2011, schools are required to conduct a school security drill within the first 15 days of the beginning of the school year.  
  • All building occupants are required to participate in drills.  However, two (2) of the eight (8) mandatory drills do not have to include students.  
  • A School Security drill is similar in duration to a fire drill.
  • Please visit in order to learn more about the different types of drills and general information from the New Jersey Department of Education regarding School Preparedness & Emergency Planning.  

Dropping off Items for Children

  • If your child forgets to bring something to school, you will still be able to drop off the item. However, entry into the school for the sole purpose of dropping off an item will be prohibited.
  • Please write the child’s name and homeroom teacher on the item, and it will be collected from you in the vestibule and secured at a table with the security monitor, who will ensure that the item is delivered.
  • The item will be delivered by a staff member.


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