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Special Services » Special Education Corner

Special Education Corner

Welcome to the Special Education Corner! The Department of Special Services will post resources and videos pertaining to Special Education. We will feature staff including Child Study Team Members, Administrators, Teachers, Instructional Assistants, and much more! If there is a topic you would like us to cover, please email Maryelizabeth Tirone at [email protected]. Enjoy!


Parent Academy #4:  ABA 101
Presented by Maureen Sullivan and Sarah Meliani
This presentation provides a detailed view of the foundations of our ABA program and the elements that support a systematic approach to learning for our students in our autism classrooms.
Parent Academy #5:  Supporting Behavior Interventions Within the Home
Presented by Sarah Meliani and Maureen Sullivan
This presentation provides helpful strategies to support behavior interventions from school into the home to encourage consistency and smoother transitions for our students in all special education programs.
Parent Academy #6:  MTPS Social Emotional Learning
Presented by Jacqueline Pergola, Rebecca Spadafora, and Diana Starr
This presentation provides a detailed view of how MTPS schools infuse SEL practices into the school day and the importance of learning specific strategies to further support our students throughout their day.
Parent Academy #1:  Understanding the IEP and State Testing
Presented by Karyn Tessler and Alisyn Morder 
This presentation provides clarification on how to navigate your child's IEP and an explanation of specific information in each section of the document. In addition to the components of the IEP, the presentation further explains the state testing requirements for our special education students. 
Parent Academy #2:  Preschool Programs
Presented by Meghan Fitzsimmons, Chelsea Russo, Nicolette Vulpis, and Alisyn Morder
This presentation provides a detailed view of all of the preschool programs and supports at the David C. Abbott Early Learning Center. Transitions were also discussed to address questions about the re-evaluation process and transitioning to kindergarten.
Parent Academy #3:  MTPS Special Education Programs
Presented by Maryelizabeth Tirone and Alisyn Morder
This presentation provides a detailed view of all special education programs in the district. It provides additional information for supports available for our special education students and families.