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Summer Reading List

Summer is a wonderful time for children. It is a time of freedom, exploration and learning. Summer can be a time for children to enjoy reading and at the same time to practice skills learned in the classroom. It can be an opportunity to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.

Just like swimming or throwing a baseball, reading is a skill that improves with practice. It is important to remember that summer reading should be self-selected. Children should be able to read what they find appealing. Anything goes – books, magazines, newspapers. You can encourage your child to read in many ways. Stop by a bookstore and buy your child a paperback. Make regular visits to the Marlboro Public Library, where your child can join the Vacation Reading Club. Pack some books on a trip to the beach, or just relax at home and share a good book with the family.

This list is intended to introduce you and your child to some of the best, most enjoyable books available. Don’t be restricted by this list. Use it with the understanding that it is not all-inclusive. Let your child feel free to choose books from different grade levels and to find other books by favorite authors.

To help guide you, we have included Lexile reading levels next to some of the titles. As a simple measure,

    Lexile Levels    25 - 790  = Grades K-3

    Lexile Levels  770 - 980 = Grades 3-5

    Lexile Levels  955 -1155 = Grades 6-8


Have fun with this list and have a wonderful summer. Happy reading!

Jaime Allen, Asher Holmes School

Lauren Atwood, Defino Central School

Brenna Greer, Robertsville School

Deborah Lamoot, Marlboro Elementary School

Jay Seibert, Frank J. Dugan School

Christine Bodsford, Marlboro Memorial Middle School

Andrew Bucci, Marlboro Memorial Middle School

Alana Colabella, Marlboro Middle School

Jamie Marrella, Marlboro Middle School

Morgan Gross, Curriculum Supervisor, Instructional Technology & Library Media

Michael Bowman, Curriculum Supervisor, English Language Arts