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Board of Education » MTPS 2022-2023 District Goals

MTPS 2022-2023 District Goals


These goals should address program, instruction, staff, professional development, facilities, and/or finance.  


Goal #1:  District Culture & Climate 

MTPS places a strong emphasis on mental health and wellness.  We believe strongly in staff and systems that support the mental health of students, staff, and the community. MTPS has budgeted the hiring of additional mental health staff members and will devise a process to ensure students are provided with experiences and touchpoints throughout the academic year.  Specifically, students will have access to school counselors, in addition to school psychologists at the middle school level and school social workers at the elementary school level.  Mental health staff will provide check-ins with students, teach classroom lessons, assist with the implementation of the Lifelines Suicide Prevention lessons, offer groups to support student needs, and provide support and resources to parents.  

Goal #2:  Student Achievement 

MTPS supports and advances learning environments that emphasize meaningful and personalized learning, differentiation, student empowerment, and student growth in both general education and special education classrooms.  We will ensure that the district has robust and well-developed curricula for all students. In addition, MTPS supports the meaningful use of data-driven instruction for all students by utilizing the district’s process of teach, assess, and remediate. MTPS staff will communicate standards-based strengths and weaknesses to both students and parents/guardians.

Goal #3:  Safety & Security 

MTPS will continue to place a strong emphasis upon school safety and security best practices.  We will continue implementing our current district best practices and continue to research new possible best practices.  Current practices and new items for discussion will be discussed in the board committee.  The district will continue its longstanding relationship with the Marlboro Township Police Department which will include the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement. Safety and security topics will filter through the MTPS Board of Education Safety, Security, and Counseling Committee. 

Goal #4:  Professional Development 

MTPS will continue to develop and deliver professional development designed to increase the effectiveness of the staff and to support our staff in professional growth.  The district will have four days dedicated to professional development and learning in the 2022-2023 district calendar.  In addition, the district will ensure that all staff members are trained on State-mandated professional development requirements. Finally, all staff members will receive professional development related to best practices for the entire student population. In order to accomplish this, MTPS affords the ability

for staff members to receive such training by internal MTPS expert trainers as well as allows staff members to seek professional development outside the district. Lastly, district data will inform staff professional development.  

Goal #5:  Technology 

MTPS will continue to focus on the positive integration of technology in classrooms with the focus on developing knowledge of programs, equipment, effective usage, usage with purpose, and using data to address the specific instructional needs of students.  Technology will be used with purpose supporting MTPS curriculums.  MTPS continues this effort by demonstrating an appropriate amount of screentime for students.