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Our Programs

Our Programs:

Student programs are selected in collaboration with the student, parents, and the Child Study Teams. The district program offerings include:

Pull-Out Resource (POR) Program

The Pull-Out Resource Program is offered to students who experience difficulty with the rigor, pace and/or structure of general education academic subjects. Small group instruction is provided by highly qualified teachers who modify the general curriculum to meet the individual needs of students. Efforts are made to transition students into general education classes by teaching compensatory skills and strategies.

In-Class Resource (ICR) Program 

The In-Class Resource Program is designed to provide support services to classified students in the general education setting. Two teachers, a certified special education teacher, and a content area general education teacher work collaboratively to instruct and assist students within the classroom environment. All students are expected to meet general education curricular requirements with individualized instructional strategies and modifications as set forth in the students’ IEPs.

Learning and Language Disability (LLD) Program 

The LLD Program is self-contained program designed to provide greater academic and social support in the core academic subjects using a modified curriculum guide. The curriculum is presented to students through specialized instructional strategies with an emphasis on language-based instruction. All LLD classes are staffed by certified Special Education Teachers.

Multiple Disabilities (MD) Program

An MD Classroom is a self-contained program for students who learn their schoolwork in different ways. Learning occurs by teaching the students modified grade level curriculum according to what they know so far. This enables the teacher to introduce what the students are expected to learn next. Each student has their own Individual Education Plan which informs all concerned about strengths and weaknesses. This program focuses on both academic and functional-based programming for students to assist them in developing independence in the educational setting. All MD classes are staffed by certified Special Education Teachers.

Autism (AUT) Program 

The Autism Spectrum Program prepares students to progress in their achievement and skills according to their individual needs in the areas of language pragmatics and communication, social interaction, academic coursework, functional life skills, and vocational skills. Academic course work is individualized for each student within the program. Utilizing a behavioral approach, the program tracks skill development through data collection.   All AUT classes are staffed by certified Special Education Teachers.

I am moving to Marlboro. Can I visit the programs?

Once you move to town, register, and send over all special education paperwork for your child, a case manager will reach out to you to talk about next steps and proposed programming. You will be able to then observe the program proposed for your child. Until that time, we do not allow visitors into our programs.

Extended School Year (ESY)

Extended School is intended to reduce the effects of undue regression of academic skills over the long summer break for students determined eligible for such services by the student’s IEP team. It also addresses the needs of students who have an unusually long recoupment period after a break from school. Recoupment is the amount of time it takes to regain prior level of functioning and knowledge. The determination for ESY eligibility takes into account empirical and qualitative data.

The decision to provide ESY services must not only take into account retrospective data, but also predictive data on recoupment abilities. The summer curriculum for students enrolled in ESY is based on the student’s IEP, as well as the grade level standards of the just completed grade. Teachers will reinforce skills taught during the preceding school year so as to ensure that the student is ready to enter the next grade level in September with prerequisite skills and abilities in place. The purpose of ESY is not to teach new skills or address new goals and objectives.