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Board of Education » MTPS 2023-2024 Board Goals

MTPS 2023-2024 Board Goals

Goal #1:  Community Involvement and Interaction 

The MTPS Board of Education values the involvement of the Marlboro community and their input into making our district accessible and considerate to all. In order to achieve this goal, MTPS will engage the community in more robust forms of communication focused on transparency and relationship building. We will enhance community relations through improvements to our website and social media platforms, as well as continue communication and relationship building through “Coffee Chats.” Additionally, we look to build more opportunities for parents to engage with their children and teachers within the typical school day. The Board will continue to support the involvement of parents in the process of setting high expectations, strong values, and morals in a supportive home environment, as that will result in positive student learning. 

The MTPS Board of Education will continue to utilize available communication tools to promote noteworthy accomplishments of all students and staff of the district, as well as  encourage parental involvement.  In order to achieve this goal, district personnel will promote accomplishments through various opportunities including but not limited to:  email notifications, text notifications, newsletters, webinars, social media, etc.  The MTPS Communications Committee will seek to improve community interaction by investigating new/innovative ways to connect with the community. 

Goal #2:  Student Achievement 

The MTPS Board of Education will support and advance the learning environments and the performance of all students by ensuring that high levels of learning be present within our K-8 district. In order to achieve this goal, the MTPS Board of Education will prioritize and focus our efforts on strategic district goals that regularly monitor student performance trends. To that end, they will hold themselves accountable for improved outcomes, advocate and support the need for improved learning through sustained and consistent progress for students, and a challenging subject matter curriculum and assessment in each content area and standards. The district will ensure that curricular decisions are data driven and focus on differentiated and individualized instruction, as no one learner is the same. We will cultivate an ongoing learning professional development program and maintain a highly skilled teaching staff. Additionally, the Board will annually assess our current programs to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students and enabling our teachers to deliver high quality instruction. To ensure continuity and excellence, we will maintain a process to receive systematic feedback from staff, students, and parents on the educational programs being utilized in our schools at various grade levels and departments. 

The MTPS Board of Education ensures that it will recognize and spotlight the achievements of all students of varying abilities and grade levels, so that individual growth and progress is celebrated and highlighted to ensure students feel valued. The Board believes that all students have potential and ability.  We will continue to develop challenging goals for each student, based on learning standards as well as individualized education plans.  The district will continue to utilize data driven instruction, in multiple forms, by utilizing the district’s process of teach, assess, and remediate or advance. The Board believes that consistent communication between school and home is paramount to supporting student academic achievement.

Goal #3:  Sound Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency 

The MTPS Board of Education along with district administration, will develop a budget that addresses the fiscal challenges that have been laid upon the district by state funding. They will continue to budget efficiently and responsibly in order to address the current and future capital and maintenance needs of the district. This process will be communicated transparently, strategically, and effectively to the community. The Board will continue to seek competitive pricing for contracted services regularly and in a timely fashion. Specifically, the MTPS Board of Education will continue to create a surplus in district reserve accounts while navigating the challenges of state aid reductions. 

Goal #4:  Policy Development

The MTPS Board of Education will discuss, revise, and recommend the adoption of district policies that are consistent with both federal and state laws, in compliance with state monitoring standards and consider a family-centered approach, where applicable.  In order to achieve this goal, the MTPS Board of Education will continue to discuss policy changes with the Policy Committee and will ensure that discussions are held with all board members at public meetings via first and second readings.  We will ensure that our policies are up to date and relevant to the changing times, laws, and regulations. When revising policies, we vow to consider the age, maturity level, grade level and appropriateness of policy language, in respect to the students in our K-8 district. 

Goal #5:  Student Discipline

The MTPS Board of Education is committed to maintaining a school climate that promotes learning, encourages the high expectations for student achievement, and minimizes the disruption created by disciplinary problems. We prioritize the safety and dignity of students and staff inside their learning environment and community. The Board of Education firmly believes that establishing a positive school climate is the responsibility of all members of the school community. The Board affirms that each student must recognize the worth and dignity of others, demonstrate a sense of social responsibility, and develop the capacity for self-regulation, self discipline, and self-direction which are as important as traditional academic goals. In order to achieve these goals, it is expected that each student shall behave in a socially acceptable manner, and not infringe upon other students’ rights to learn. The Board will meet regularly with district administration to assess behaviors impacting students within each school and analyze trends in respect to negative behaviors. To that end, the Board will strategize with district officials to offer various programs, initiatives, workshops, and/or professional development to  promote a more positive school climate.