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Board of Education » MTPS 2022-2023 Board Goals

MTPS 2022-2023 Board Goals

Goal #1:  District Culture & Climate

The MTPS Board of Education places a strong emphasis on mental health and wellness for our students, staff and the community at large. In order to achieve this goal, MTPS will devise a process to ensure students are provided with experiences and touchpoints throughout the academic year (we have budgeted the hiring of additional mental health staff members that will assist in us meeting this goal).  Specifically, students will have access to school counselors, in addition to school psychologists at the middle school level and school social workers at the elementary school level. Mental health staff will provide check-ins with students, teach classroom lessons, assist with the implementation of the Lifelines Suicide Prevention lessons, offer groups to support student needs, and provide support and resources to parents.  

Goal #2:  Student Achievement 

The MTPS Board of Education will support and advance learning environments that emphasize meaningful and personalized learning, student empowerment, and student growth in both general education and special education classrooms. In order to achieve this goal, the MTPS Board of Education will work to ensure that the district has robust and well-developed curricula for all students. In addition, the MTPS Board of Education supports the meaningful use of data-driven instruction for all students by utilizing the district’s process of teach, assess, and remediate. MTPS staff will communicate standards-based strengths and weaknesses to both students and parents/guardians.

Goal #3:  Infrastructure  

The MTPS Board of Education will continue to budget efficiently and responsibly in order to address the current and future capital and maintenance needs of the district. Specifically, the MTPS Board of Education will continue to create a surplus in district reserve accounts while navigating the challenges of state aid reductions. This careful planning will allow the district to continue with the plan of installing HVAC in the three remaining elementary schools, as well as other investments in future infrastructure needs. 

Goal #4:  Community Interaction 

The MTPS Board of Education will continue to utilize available communication tools to promote noteworthy accomplishments of the students and staff of the district and encourage parental involvement.  In order to achieve this goal, district personnel will promote accomplishments through various opportunities including but not limited to:  MTPS Board Briefs, email notifications, text notifications, newsletters, webinars, social media, etc. The MTPS Communications Committee will seek to improve community interaction by investigating new/innovative ways to connect with the community. 

Goal #5:  Policy Development 

The MTPS Board of Education will discuss, revise, and recommend adoption of district policies that are consistent with both federal and state laws, and that are in compliance with state monitoring standards.  In order to achieve this goal, the MTPS Board of Education will continue to discuss policy changes with the Policy Committee and will ensure that discussions are held with all board members at public meetings via first and second readings.  We will ensure that our policies are up to date and relevant.