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Board Member Committees


MTPS Board of Education Committees


In order to use the time, effort, and expertise of the members of the Board effectively, the Board shall operate as a committee of the whole.  In addition, the board also has created standing committees that meet during the course of the school year. The standing committees, assigned board members, and missions and visions of each committee are as follows:


  • Buildings & Grounds Committee


  • Aldo Patruno (Chair)
  • Susan Shrem
  • Jessica Piernik


Mission:  The mission of the Marlboro Township Buildings and Grounds Committee is to successfully plan and address both current and future capital and maintenance issues in the district.  Such purposeful planning shall result in formal recommendations to the Board of Education to take specific action to uphold the committee’s mission.


Vision:  We believe that it is essential to address both current and future capital and maintenance needs in our district in order to maintain safe learning environments and continue leading our district through the 21st Century.


  • Curriculum Committee


  • Christina Russotto (Chair)
  • Annette Siewert


MissionThe Mission of the Marlboro Township Public Schools Curriculum Committee is to ensure that the district has robust and well-developed curricula that meets the needs of all learners.  Curricula must be aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and provide clear and specific expectations for what students should know and be able to do upon completion of a public school (PK-8) education.


Vision: We believe in preparing students for college and careers by emphasizing the skills needed for tomorrow’s world. Such skills shall be demonstrated in the following nine content areas: 21st Century Life and Careers; Comprehensive Health and Physical Education; English Language Arts; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; Technology; Visual and Performing Arts; World Languages.  The staff of the Marlboro Township Schools will do all necessary curricula work and then present products/findings to the Marlboro Township Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Committee will then present information to the entire Board of Education.


  • Communications Committee


  • Annette Siewert (Chair)
  • Jessica Piernik
  • Christina Russotto


Mission: The Mission of the Marlboro Township Schools Communication Committee is to design pathways to promote noteworthy accomplishments of the entire MTPS community.    


Vision: We believe it is essential to celebrate and promote the exceptional work of the entire MTPS Community.    

  • Policy Committee


  • Valentina Mendez (Chair)
  • Aldo Patruno
  • Michael Lilonsky


Mission:  The mission of the Marlboro Township Public Schools Policy Committee is to discuss, revise, and recommend adoption of district policies that are consistent with both federal and state laws and that are in compliance with state monitoring standards.


Vision:  We believe that consistent, cohesive, and comprehensive policies provide the district with guidance and structure in all matters relating to the operation of the school district.  

  • Safety and Security


  • Michael Lilonsky (Chair)
  • Kerry Ann Jankowski
  • Susan Shrem


Mission: The Mission of the Marlboro Township Safety, Security, and Counseling Committee is to successfully assess, plan, and address both current and future needs regarding safety and security, counseling, and social, emotional, and behavioral well-being in the district.     


Vision: We believe that all students and staff should be and feel safe and secure in our MTPS buildings.  We also believe in the importance of the concepts of school counseling for our students and social, emotional, and behavioral well-being for our students and staff.    


  • Special Education


  • TBD (Chair)
  • Kerry Ann Jankowski
  • Valentina Mendez

Mission:  The Mission of the Marlboro Township Special Education Committee is to facilitate communication between Special Services administrators and the Board of Education in order to promote a cohesive vision for our special education programs. The committee will collaborate with special education community leaders to focus on the best interests of students with special needs. 

Vision: We believe that our special education programs and practices should empower students to reach their full potential through appropriate educational experiences. We strive to promote inclusivity so that children with different abilities are valued and respected members of the school community. We believe that:


  • All students with disabilities must be included and respected. 
  • All students with disabilities and their families have a right to high expectations, dignity, and an opportunity in an educational program that is geared to address their individual needs.
  • All members of the special education team, including parents and families, are valued in order to reach our shared goal of supporting students in their least restrictive environment