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District Goals

The board accepts the responsibility for coordinating the available resources of home, school, and community in a mutual effort to guide every pupil’s growth towards becoming a self-respecting individual who can effectively function politically, economically, and socially in a democratic society.


The board is dedicated to ensuring that all pupils in the district are provided with the necessary skills and competencies for achievement of the state standards.


All children should start school ready to learn.

  • Quality preschool opportunities shall be provided for all children, through collaboration between public schools and community agencies.
  • Parent education programs shall be designed and implemented by the district to assist parents in providing readiness experiences for their preschool children.


Pupils shall leave grade eight having demonstrated competency in challenging subject matter including language arts literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, health and physical education, visual and performing arts, and world languages.

  • The district shall implement the state-approved standards and appropriate assessments to enable pupils to succeed and to evaluate their performance.
  • The district shall provide staff development opportunities to ensure that teachers are adequately equipped to teach challenging and up-to-date subject matter and to implement effective teaching techniques. It shall monitor teaching staff members’ progress toward achievement of the required 20 clock hours of continuing education per year to ensure that they are obtaining and maintaining the skills to help all pupils achieve the standards.


Pupils shall learn to use their minds well, so that they may be prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in our modern economy.

  • The district shall provide pupils with experiences in higher level thinking, information processing, the responsibilities of citizenship, and employability skills.
  • All pupils shall demonstrate competency in the skills identified in the cross-content workplace readiness standards.
  • All pupils shall demonstrate respect for racial, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.


The pupils shall increase their achievement levels in science and mathematics to contribute to our country's ability to compete academically with all other countries of the world.

  • The district shall revise its curriculum offerings in science and mathematics according to state standards.
  • The district shall provide staff training in the teaching of mathematics and science at grades K-8 to increase teachers’ understanding of, and ability to teach these subjects.


District schools shall be free of drugs and violence and offer a safe, disciplined environment conducive to learning.

  • The district shall develop partnerships with parents to establish the responsibilities of each to create and maintain safe and healthy educational environments for all pupils.
  • The district shall provide programs and staffing to deal with pupils at risk.
  • The school and community shall expand their cooperative efforts to create drug and violence-free environments.
  • All pupils shall develop a positive view of self and learn to use effective interpersonal skills.


The board shall develop, in consultation with the chief school administrator and teaching staff members, a written educational plan for the district. This plan shall be reviewed and adopted annually and shall include:

  • written educational goals;
  • an assessment of pupil needs;
  • specific annual objectives based on identified needs and action plans to implement them;
  • standards for assessing and evaluating the achievement of objectives;
  • the establishment of reasonable pupil minimum proficiency levels in the areas addressed in the standards;
  • an educational program consistent with these goals, objectives, standards, and needs; and,
  • evaluation of pupil progress.