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Visual Arts

The visual arts program in the Marlboro Township Public School District is rooted in the belief that artistic expression is a vital part of the human existence.  In both studying art and engaging in art-making activities, we are preparing our children to be the creators, innovators, and critical thinkers of the future. The goal of the visual arts program is to enrich students’ knowledge and experience of art through experimentation of artistic media as well as to build confidence in artistic skills.

On the elementary level, students are exposed to a wide variety of artists, artistic mediums, and creative techniques.  Students are given the opportunity to investigate multiple methods of art production through project-based learning and are encouraged to come up with unique solutions to each design problem encountered.  Through guided artistic experiences, students are introduced to such topics as color theory, introductory drawing, cultural art, and three-dimensional design, as well as many others. Projects are designed and adapted to suit the needs of each class and population so that all students feel comfortable participating.

On the middle school level, visual arts courses aim to continue the journey of self-expression and reflection through the arts.  Students delve more deeply into the study of artists and artistic media, solving open-ended design problems through creative expression.   Subject matter is often tied to cultural and historical themes, and effort is made to infuse multiple subjects into the art curriculum. Additionally, students are afforded the opportunity to add more art to their day through the Creative Arts program. The Creative Arts program is an admissions-based program for select students in sixth through eighth grade who exhibit both artistic ability and exceptional creative thinking skills.  Admission is based on a performance based assessment, a portfolio of work, as well as art teacher recommendation.