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Board Policies

School policies embody the philosophy under which a school district operates. They also provide the basis for the smooth and efficient operation of our schools. “Policy” means a statement, formally adopted by the Board of Education, in which the Board recognizes the mandates and constraints of law, establishes practices and standards binding on staff members and pupils, and gives direction to the Superintendent.

The Marlboro Township School District believes in the importance of sharing these policies with the public. Policies, as well as any accompanying regulations (statements developed and promulgated by the Superintendent that detail the specific operations by which Board policy or a legal mandate is implemented) or exhibits, are posted here on the district’s website. Because our district’s policies and regulations are living documents open to revision by the Board of Education, please be sure to check this site often to ensure you have viewed the most up-to-date documents.  Refer to the Board of Education links on the right-hand side of this page to view district policies.